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In the near future, you can find here the matlib simulation framework and various demos.

Selected publications

Blokpoel, M. & van Rooij, I. (2021). Simulating in Scala in Theoretical modeling for cognitive science and psychology.

van de Braak, L., Dingemanse, M., Toni, I., van Rooij, I. & Blokpoel, M. (2021) Computational challenges in explaining communication: How deep the rabbit hole goes. In Proceedings of the 43th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.

van Arkel, J., Woensdregt, M., Dingemanse, M. & Blokpoel, M. (2020). A simple repair mechanism can alleviate computational demands of pragmatic reasoning: simulations and complexity analysis. In Proceedings of the 24th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL 2020).